Gary J. Drillings, MD, PA
246 HAMBURG TURNPIKE, Suite 301, WAYNE, NJ 07470


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Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Dr. Drillings is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. His experience includes Assistant Team Physician for the Chicago Cubs, New York Jets, and New York Rangers. He uses this training to treat sports-related injuries and provide reconstructive surgery of all major joints. Whether you are an accomplished athlete or a weekend warrior, young or old, injuries happen. Dr. Drillings understands the issues involved in all levels of athletic participation. He also has extensive experience in non-sports related injuries, including injuries associated with work (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome) and motor vehicle collisions.

Dr. Drillings' goal is to help his patients return to their pre-injury level of activity. Therefore, he believes in conservative management of orthopaedic injuries, as well as aggressive rehabilitation-for both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Dr. Drillings also strives to educate his patients on the importance of overall fitness as the best way to prevent future injuries or diminish the impact of those that are unavoidable. After all, prevention is the best medicine.