Gary J. Drillings, MD, PA
1777 HAMBURG TURNPIKE, Suite 305, WAYNE, NJ 07470

Full Range of Orthopedic Services

Whether you are a finely-tuned athlete or a seasoned spectator, sometimes accidents happen. Dr. Drillings has extensive experience treating athletes and non-athletes for a range of injuries. While he specializes in sports-related injuries and reconstructive surgery of the knee and shoulder, he regularly treats people who suffer from a variety of non-sports related injuries such as the following:

• Fractures
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

•Joint Sprains
•Work-Related Injuries

• Muscle Strains
• Foot & Ankle Disorders

• Arthritis
• Motor Vehicle Collisions

• Hand Injuries
• Tendonitis

Surgical Options

When surgery is required, we offer arthroscopy, knee and shoulder reconstruction, and joint replacement in the following hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers: